High School

One of the challenges music teachers face is creating enough engagement in the classroom that a wide range of abilities is met and each students learning experience is rich and fulfilling. The Bambajam Symphony and it’s music programme addresses these challenges perfectly.

There’s 37 keys and three octaves in one instrument. Each of which can be played as individual instruments or part of a three peice xylophone. This means that, no matter what size class you have, there’s instruments for everyone.

What’s more, the music packs are arranged for a huge range of parts and each score is double sided, including both traditional notation as well as our own binary notation system. Each part of the arrangement has a different level of difficulty so teachers can assign different parts depending on the students experience.

The xylophone can be configured in any way. What this means is that students can learn how to improvise, how scales work or choose just the notes they’re using in their part of the performance.

The programme and library is ever growing with resources which covers topics, themes and subjects through active participation from everyone.

The Symphony can also be used as part of an ensemble with other instruments and compliments other music programmes such as Oorf.

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