The Pelangi

Bambajam Educational Musical Resource Pelangi
Bambajam Pelangi
Bambajam Carry Case


  • 1 chromatic octave
  • Double sided frame
  • 6 mallets
  • Three Pelangi Song Packs
  • Flashcards
  • Access to online library
  • Carry Bag


Product Description

The Pelangi is a double sided xylophone designed to connect children through music. Each key can be played as a single instrument and the colours & animals help them identify with the different tones.

The library is full of music packs arranged specifically for the instrument. Whether there are 2, 3, 4, 5 or more, everyone can enjoy performing music together in a way that is fun & rewarding.

Bambajam Educational Musical Resource Pelangi

Performing music together is always more fun & rewarding, so each song pack is arranged for multiple players. The duet arrangements mean that the notes of the melody are shared between two players.

Because the keys can be configured in any order, children can arrange the xylophone so they only have the notes they need.

pelangi close up
pelangi close up 640 x 480

And, like all Bambajam instruments, the keys can be removed from the frame and played as a single instrument. The whole family can play together, making playing music feel more like a board game.

The Bambajam Symphony comes in 3 colours; Natural, Coloured or Multicoloured.



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